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JDD 2013 in Krakow, Poland

by Patrick Hund
Krakow, Poland -
in Events

JDD 2013 LogoeBay Inc is proud sponsor of this year's JDD conference in Krakow Poland.

Our speakers Andrzej Grzesik and Konrad Malawski will talk about JDK8: The Parallel, the Nashorn and the Lambdas:

The most revolutionary* release of a JDK is almost there. Bringing in lambdas, Nashorn, JavaFX, parallel collections…

The list is long and the features are impressive. Why should you care? Well, this release WILL change the way you write code. And test. And work with collections! And… there are so many things there we’d like to show!

Last, but not the least: no more OutOfMemory PermGen errors :-)

*to date

JDD on web 2.0

JDD Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jddconference

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