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20th #ebaytechtalk: HTML V: The Final Frontend

by Benjamin Eckart
mobilesuite, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin -
in Events

We would like to invite you to the 20th #ebaytechtalk. This time we are happy to announce two talks about Frontend Engineering. Stephan Koepp will talk about the frontend of the new responsive make model catalog at mobile.de and Matthias Huttar will show how CSS components are used at eBay Kleinanzeigen.

As always, we will have some food and drinks afterwards.

Please register for free at meetup.

Creation of reusable widgets or components for web applications

Stephan Koepp

In the past few years frameworks like Bootstrap or the concept of Web-Components showed that the reusability of widgets or components could help Web Developers to create web applications in a short way. One question is how you could use these framework or components for your company web site.

This talk will present the development of reusable components that are used to create a new web application at mobile.de (responsive make model catalog).

Stephan Koepp is a Senior Frontend Engineer at mobile.de.


CSS Bento: SMACSS, Living Styleguides and Layout Testing in a box

Matthias Huttar

For too long, writing CSS was more of a „hacking“ than serious „engineering“. In this talk, I will share our new approach (since one year) of doing software engineering with CSS and the toolchain of open source tools that we use on top of that.  

This talk will introduce a set of tools and techniques that fit together nicely and allow CSS developers to: 

- build modularized and extremely maintainable CSS components using the SMACSS approach 

- generate a living styleguide out of those modules 

- using KSS to share UI components with product and design use this styleguide to apply automated layout testing with the Galen Framework to ensure that nothing is broken accidentally. 

Using the actual eBay Kleinanzeigen Website I will show you the full round trip of building and testing a CSS component. 

Matthias is the Lead Frontend Engineer at eBay Kleinanzeigen and has been with the Company for three years. He’s got a big passion in test driven design and enjoys working with new technology.

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