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15th ebay Tech Talk: Big Data in Realtime

by Benjamin Eckart
mobilesuite, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin -

We like to invite you to the 15th ebay Tech Talk. This time we will show you how Big Data in Realtime works at ebay Kleinanzeigen's Communication Center. The talk will take 60 minutes. We will provide some food and drinks afterwards. 

Please register at meetup: http://www.meetup.com/eBay-Europe-Technology/events/179194322/


Big Data in Realtime: A tour through eBay Kleinanzeigen’s Communication Center

Manuel Aldana and Matthias Huttar 

Every day, our users exchange more than 1.5 million mails/messages on our platform. All of them are routed through our communication system that enables user to trade through different channels (a seller sends you an e-mail, you receive it as a push notification in our iPhone app). 

This evening, Manuel Aldana and Matthias Huttar will talk about how this system was built, how we store all 15 TB of data and how we approached, building a great messaging experience for our users. 

We will cover: Big Data, NoSQL, DevOps, Product Development and UX testing. 

Manuel Aldana: 

Senior Software Engineer at eBay Kleinanzeigen (5 years in the company): He literally was the first person in this company (back in the old „Kijiji“ times) 

Matthias Huttar

Engineering Team Lead at eBay Kleinanzeigen (2 years in the company): He always wears a hat ;) 

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