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13th eBay Tech Talk: Development at eBay Germany: The Big Going Small

by Benjamin Eckart
mobilesuite, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin -
in Events, Talks

We like to invite you to the 13th ebay Tech Talk. This time, we will have two presentations, the first about "Portfolio Kanban - How eBay Kleinanzeigen builds products"  and the second about Continuous Delivery at mobile.de: "Implemented in the Morning, Released at Noon: Culture Change at mobile.de". Each talk will take 30 minutes. Some food and drinks will be provided.

The talk will take place at mobilesuite on February 13th at 7 pm. Please register at meetup.

Portfolio Kanban – How eBay Kleinanzeigen builds products

Olaf Zschiedrich

Agile development practices like Scrum or Kanban are widely adopted nowadays. Most of the times the agile journey starts in the development department. Too often this is also where it ends and the rest of the organizations continues to live in a top-down, quarterly planned and delivery-oriented world thinking in fixed deadlines. This cultural discrepancy leads to serious misunderstandings with other departments like business development, customer support or the higher management. Becoming a real agile-driven, lean and learning organization is not easy, requires a shift in mindset and needs to involve everybody in the organization. This talk is about the current approach to product development at eBay Kleinanzeigen and how epic-driven Portfolio Kanban helps to foster cross-functional collaboration, improve transparency and establish a validated learning mindset.

Olaf joined eBay 6 years ago. Within eBay he worked for mobile.de and Kijiji before becoming CTO & Head of Product for eBay Kleinanzeigen. He has a passion for agile software development and lean practices with the goal to quickly deliver valuable software to end-users.


Implemented in the Morning, Released at Noon: Culture Change at mobile.de

Benjamin Eckart, Ralf Tomczak

At mobile.de, we left Scrum behind us and introduced a continuous delivery process based on Kanban. Today, independent teams do more than ten releases a day. This allows us to evaluate new functions and get user feedback quickly. In our talk, we present the cultural change for development, quality assurance and site operations that where necessary to switch from four week release cycles to multiple daily releases.

Benjamin Eckart has been working for mobile.de since 2012 as a software engineer. Since August 2013, he is the technical lead for Trust and Safety at mobile.de. At mobile.de, we develop high traffic web applications with up to 2000 requests per second.

Ralf Tomczak has worked for mobile.de for eight years. He leads the technology team and is responsible for the development of the mobile.de platform as well as applications and tools. mobile.de is a subsidiary of eBay Inc. and Germany’s biggest online vehicle marketplace.

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