eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace, connecting people with the things they need and love virtually anytime, anywhere. eBay has 124 million active users globally and more than 500 million live individual and merchant listings at any given time, the majority of which is new and fixed-price merchandise. With mobile apps available in 190 countries, eBay delivers a personalized shopping experience and seamless access to inventory from down the street and around the world. Tailored shopping experiences, including eBay Fashion and eBay Motors, customize buying and selling; and eBay provides variety and choice for sellers by enabling them to offer goods through online, mobile and local channels to consumers around the world. For more information, visit www.ebay.com.

eBay's European Product and Development (EPD) team is responsible for driving product development and innovation on global and core products for ebay sellers. Within EPD, the Delivery teams are located across Berlin and London.

Agile cross functional teams including product management, product development, and UXD work on a daily basis to create successful products that have impact and help our customers. 

eBay is hiring!

As part of the ebay team you will work with people who care about well written, test-driven, clean code, delightful user experiences and all the lovely stuff that's involved with automatically tested, zero-touch deployed applications. 
We are living an inclusive, open corporate culture, an environment in which everyone can learn and grow on the job.

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