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Agile Notifier - a Fun Alert to Notify Your CI's Status Changes

by Jing Li
in Open Source

Agile Notifier - an easy way of monitoring Agile SW Engineering by auralization change. It supports most of the popular tools including CI (Continuous Integration), SCM (Source Control Management), and ITS (Issue Tracking System). Of course you can integrate more tools as you want. And the simple beautiful DSL syntax gives you a rocket start.

In a modern agile team, members would like to be notified immediately once their Continuous Integration job fails (but building process usually takes quite a while). That's the initial idea of this tool.

The joy of this tool is that, whenever a build fails, it can blame whoever submitted the commit (or praises the committer who fixed it), in whatever language you want, and even the sentenses can be randomly chosen each time :)

Have fun with it!

Project on Github

Examples of Usage:

AgileNotifier::Configuration.set do
  ci_url 'http://x.x.x.x:8080'
  ci_job 'your-project-continuous-build'
  ci_get 'Jenkins'

  scm_url 'https://github.xyzcompany.com'
  scm_repo user: 'your_user_name', repo: 'your_repository_name'
  scm_get 'Github', enterprise: true

  # for non-enterprise version
  # scm_url 'https://api.github.com'
  # scm_repo user: 'your_user_name', repo: 'your_repository_name'
  # scm_get 'Github'

  speak 'en'
  play 'Boing' # Mac OSX Text to Speech voice name, optional field


agile, jenkins, ruby