• Deploying Node applications with Capistrano, GitHub, Nginx and Upstart

    by Przemek Matylla
    in Tutorials

    Deploying JavaScriptI'm a huge fan of the node.js platform and I'm also in love with the Nginx server. Putting those two together makes perfect sense, because they both use event driven design. Nginx is a highly performant web server which gives you a myriad of different features like reverse proxy, load balancing, caching and gzipping, to name a few.

    This article explains how you harness this power.

    Having our Node application behind a Nginx server, we also need a place to store the source code of our app. Not surprisingly we will use GitHub. The last part of our setup will be a deployment tool called Capistrano.

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  • Innovation Days at mobile.de

    by Susanne Donner
    in How We Do It

    Key on a computer keyboard labelled "Innovate"Have you ever thought that during your sprinting or "kanbanning" there is not enough slack for "something completely different"? Even the things we are supposed to do – researching new technology, creating prototypes, studying technical literature and lots more – we often don't find the time and quiet.

    About a year ago the technology group at mobile.de that handles the consumer part of the platform came up with the proposal:

    For the next 3 months we have 1 "slack" day every month. Everybody. On the same date.

    The management supported the initiative and was curious about the outcome – as were we.

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  • Payback Time - Dealing With Technical Debt

    by Mateusz Szczap
    in My Two Cents

    Technical Debt Title (Free Images UK)The term "technical debt" means different things to different people, but one thing is for sure: you have to pay your dues sooner or later. But how do you explain that to your product owner, who only cares about making the customer happy and cannot understand why the dev team should spend so much time refactoring, upgrading, code-cleaning, without producing any value to the customer that's directly observable?

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  • 10th ebay Tech Talk - Product Management (Working Title)

    by Benjamin Eckart

    UPDATE: added slides of Lars Giere, see below

    At the 10th ebay tech talk, two speakers will talk about product management at ebay Kleinanzeigen and mobile.de.

    We will have two presentations:

    Building a Successful Mobile Team or How to Make Product, Native Development and Backend a Connected Powerhouse - Paul Heimann, Dominik Zins, ebay Kleinanzeigen

    Experiment Driven Product Development - Lars Giere, mobile.de

    Please register at meetup:


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  • Team Building Workshops with LEGO Serious Play

    by Peter Laufer
    in How We Do It

    Lego Serious Play Oct 2013 Title 300x178Some time ago we blogged about how we started to explore LEGO Serious Play as yet another activity we use in our agile retrospectives. Lately, we've been using LEGO Serious Play to conduct a few team building workshops as well. In this article I'd like to share how we approached this and what learnings we gathered...

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