• 15th ebay Tech Talk: Big Data in Realtime

    by Benjamin Eckart
    mobilesuite, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin -

    We like to invite you to the 15th ebay Tech Talk. This time we will show you how Big Data in Realtime works at ebay Kleinanzeigen's Communication Center. The talk will take 60 minutes. We will provide some food and drinks afterwards. 

    Please register at meetup: http://www.meetup.com/eBay-Europe-Technology/events/179194322/


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  • How to use Grunt and Bower

    by Frederik Leidloff

    Grunt and Bower simplify a web developer's life. Bower as a package manager for web components and Grunt as a JavaScript task runner that automatically runs tasks like .less compiling, minifying or packing. 

    For example at mobile.de we use bower for to include JavaScript libraries like jQuery or AngularJs. Grunt is used among other things to automatically compile .less files to css.

    In this article, we will show you some code examples on how to use Grunt and Bower.

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  • Testing Legacy Code with Mockito and PowerMock

    by Peter Laufer
    in Tutorials

    The life of a software developer isn't always fun. Unfortunately, you don't always get to play around with the latest and greatest technologies on all of your projects, but you do have to deal with a certain amount of legacy code from time to time that needs some adjustments or new functionality.

    And OMG there aren't even unit tests around and writing new ones is oh so painful as the classes might be complex, the number of dependencies high and lots of static utility helpers might be involved as well...

    But fear not: "There's A Mock For That!"

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  • Android Development at Mobile.de

    by Mario Böhmer
    in How We Do It

    At mobile.de we support our users by providing the best experience when using our products. When it comes to supporting Android users, a natural fit is a native Android app. Since mobile devices nowadays make up a significant amount of traffic, it is key that quality and user experience are equally as important as technical finesse. By keeping this in mind we work as a tightly integrated team to bring only the best experience to our users. This is how we do it.

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