• Availability Zone based Terraforming on Openstack

    by Holger Riegel
    in How We Do It

    An article by Holger RiegelhriegelvBTC4@ebay.cPKbtQomto and Hans-Joachim Skwirblieshskw3Qirbl9mEwies@6xebayzR6.comCwR

    While HashiCorp's Terraform is well suited to script the setup of your platform in an openstack cloud and can be used out of the box in testing environments it can have some shortcomings for production environments. This article shows you why the usage of Terraform in a production environment must be considered carefully and how we use terraform in a production ready way.

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  • Optional Parcelable Values on Android

    by Yasin Yildirim

    Optional is a very useful concept in order to avoid from null references and other comparison failures. Optional values are officially supported starting from Java 8, but the fact that Android is (mostly) stuck on Java 7, gives us no chance to use the built-in Optionals on Android code.

    There are, of course, third party libraries, like Guava, which implements the Optional concept for older Java versions which gives Android developers a good chance to use Optionals. But, how about moving those objects around between Activities, Fragments and other parts of our Android apps?

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  • Moving from war to jar with Spring

    by Peter Laufer
    in Tutorials

    I recently stumbled over a small internal webapp that we use in order to browse, search and filter feedback from our users. I wanted to implement a tiny tweak that would extend the search feature over a few more fields in the data. Looked easy and was in fact quickly done. Only local testing proved to be difficult as the app required a web server (in this case Tomcat) and wasn't that easy to set up. Given the scope of the change and the fact that the app was only used internally I took the bold shortcut and deployed to production stage immediately. No issues, my feature worked - everybody was happy.

    The change of a webapp that hadn't been touched since a while seemed to ring a warning bell at my colleagues from Site Operations - ouch. One of them approached me and asked whether I could pimp the app again this time to produce a standalone jar instead of a war file so that they could easily deploy it to our platform as a service (PaaS) infrastructure based on Docker. 

    It's always good be friends with Site Ops so I thought I should give it a try.

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  • Agile vs Quality

    by Alexander Dreger
    in My Two Cents

    Carrier Rocket

    If you would be asked or granted to fly to the Moon, utilizing a new carrier rocket – one developed and tested by a Team following the Waterfall Model-Approach, the other one by an Agile-Team – which one would you choose for your trip?

    I want to reflect upon the both Development-Methods from a point of view of an experienced QA-Engineer, focusing on the aspect of Quality.

    Disclaimer: The views, perceptions and opinions expressed in this article are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views / opinions / positions of other protagonists involved, or mobile.de as a whole. Furthermore, I want to state that I feel lucky to be a part of this technical odyssey, working in a great environment with brilliant people.

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